HELLO! Despite some really bad intentioned rumors spewed out by really greedy and stupid people, I'm not dead, as you can see.

Perhps you will wonder why the site was left neglected during the entire year, and the reason was simple: On February 27th, my country was struck by one of the most powerful Earthquakes registred on mankind' story (8.9 on Richter scale) immediately followed by a tsunami and another earhquake (7.5 on Richter scale) that struck us 2 weeks after the first one. A great part   of my city simply dissapeared, martial law had to be implemented to prevent riots and looting, I lost my job, the aftershocks kept striking us for months, etc.
To add salt to the injury, some inhuman son of a bitches decided to spread the rumor that I had died on the quake and this site, plus all of my material were ripe for taking as my  "just punishment" for whatever stupid reasons these sociopathic animals pulled out of their asses.


Wah! Man, how long has been since I could update this site? But hey, I've been busy as hell with my job and struggling to continue spriting and making comics on my free time, among other life projects.

And to prove it...   Twenty seven new strips, awaits for you! Some things have been vastly improved since the last time, so get sure to check them out.
Also, as a Christmas gift, a new site called "Nes Maps" has been added to the "Links" section. Check it out, it will be very useful for you.

04-12-09: HAPPY EASTER!

Ugh, looks like I'm just updating this site when a holiday strikes.

Aaanyways... have  another Five new strips, and I will try to update again without waiting months between every update.
Work, responsabilities, and a possible wife perhapsmaybewhoknows leaves me with no free time to dedicate to this site. Adulthood sucks, bleh.
(The broken links were fixed, by the way)

26-01-09: First update of the year!

All work and no fun makes Maneko a dull boy.  Still, i managed to produce  Four new strips, and I will work hard to fix the broken links from some old comics o' mine. Have fun!

Now, time for a little personal rant. Hey you, Joe Pullin or whatever you want to be called: Get a life, man. Still holding a grudge because YEARS AGO  I didn't agreed to hand over my stuff to you? And STILL stalking and deconstructing every move I do in the net since then? While you claim that everyone who doesn't likes your recolored sprites or who doesn't agrees with you is automatically homosexual and should die? 
Without menctioning that you have been STEALING my stuff and who knows who's else for YEARS while you invoke rights and pull BS out of your ass to justify your theft?  (But you threat little kids with suing them for everything they own and scarring them for life if they steal your stolen stuff? Good grief.)

Also, are you still trying to convince kids 25 years younger than you that everyone in the net steal their ideas from your mediocre comic and that you (and noone else) created all the popular gags from the most popular webcomics?  And that your recolors and STOLEN stuff makes you a "professional cartoonist" as you claim everywhere? Jesuchrist.

Dude, you are almost FORTY YEARS OLD, so how about you know, growing up, getting a life, a job, a wife and acting your age for once?  (I admit that  was amusing to see an old guy who's shoddy comic is nothing but a mash of lesbian, loli, incest and pedophilia jokes just going on a kiddy fit and calling me a "gay pervert"  out of spite and envy because  I didn't wanted to be used as your tool AND because I create my own material instead of STEALING IT from little kids as you do, Mr Big American Hero.)

Still, thanks for the 2 new readers. What fun we had together sharing stories and laughing at your power delusions and failure at life!. Still in the same place where we saw you years ago, still without getting a work, still without learning any skills, still without contributing with anything to your country, but still living of social welfare and STILL attempting to sue your country's militar force to get easy money and never having to get a job? Jesuchrist.
I'm not posting any link to your site just to negate you the attention you crave so much.


Blah blah blah real life responsabilities, blah blah blah new time-consuming job, blah blah blah all job and no time for making comics makes Maneko a dull boy.
Anyways, I managed to complete 
Five new strips, and I'm still attempting to complete LOTS of unfinished holiday and random comics that have been lying on my hard drive for WEEKS.  Either way, I wish you a Merry Christmas, and best wished for this new year.

Oookay. This hasn't been a good year, but there is NO way I was going to let this holiday pass without an update, so have seven new strips waiting for you in the "Random" comics section.
Stay tuned, because in the next days I will release all the (unfinished) Halloween strips that I didn't managed to complete before today's update.

Oh man, when you think life isn't having a field day with you, shit happens and THEN you know what means to be in a mess. Well, I guess that's part of being adult and stuff, too bad nobody prepares you for THAT kind of problems and responsabilities.

But hey: whatever doesn't kills you only makes you stronger, as they say. Next time problem arises, you already know how to deal with it and K.O it way faster than before. 

06-20-2008: I LIVE AGAIN!
I'm back in business, let's try to make it last longer. :P

At least, this site lives again: Ten new comics awaits you in the "Random" section.
You will notice lots of changes in the graphic aspect, since I (finally) managed to leave edited sprites behind for good: Now we are dealing with scratched material, babe!

12-25-2007: MERRY CHRISTMAS!
HoHoHo! Merry Christmas, everybody!

Finally! After lots of DNS problems, real life issues, spriter's block and a crapload of things getting in the way, I managed to revive this page with half dozen of new updates, including some Holiday specials and other strips featuring a new format and some new sprites I'm testing by now. Have fun, and have a happy Holiday with your dear ones.
Like always, the update is posted in the "Miscellaneous" section.
Man! What a year, eh? Few updates, web crashings, personal problems, a lot of e-backstabbings and in sum, lots of things that almost  made me feel like quitting this webcomic business for good. ALMOST, of course. Hell, I even forgot that this comic turned 5 years old in November.
Five years! Man, I can't believe how time flies. :O

If you are still reading this, I can just say: Thanks a lot for everyone's  patience and constance. With guys like you around, the least I can do is keep giving my best to give you something worth of your time and of course, worth of YOU. Seriously, thanks a lot.


Wah! I'm not dead YET!
Lots of real life stuff has kept me from updating this page as I should, but there is no way I'm gonna skip a holiday update, so check the "misc" comic section for some new strips plus the first of many (delayed) halloween comics.
You will notice quite a few changes in the visual area that I hope could make it for the spartan update schedule of this long and bumpy year. Happy Holidays!

08-21-2007: OK, I'M BACK IN BUSINESS.

  Finally, this place is alive and kicking once again.
LOTS of things happened since the last update: a server crash, a DNS failure that killed my old adress (yeah, don't ask HOW) plus a LOT of personal and health problems, but meh.
I'm back,  and with SIXTEEN new misc strips to reward your patience.

  I also want to thank Kieran Walker for the (new) hosting, and Iris for the new message board. Thanks, guys! You rock.

02-15-2007: I'M ALIVE! ALIVE! AH! HAHAHA!!!

Long time no see you, eh? Lots of shit happened to me during all this time, but since this isn't an emo blog, let me just say that FOURTEEN new random strips awaits for you, including the obligatory Valentine day ones. (And yeah, in a more festive way than last year's one. :3)


As I promised (but a day late, sorry -_-U) here you have the last three Christmas Specials from this year, waiting for you in the "miscellaneous" section. Enjoy!

12-24-2006: MERRY CHRISTMAS!
HoHoHo! Merry Christmas, everybody!

Since I'm having some problems right now, have just a triple update for now, and the rest of the Holiday comics will be posted tomorrow.
Like always, the update is posted in the "Miscellaneous" section.

12-18-2006: HO,HO,HO!!!

And so, another double misc update, including a single Christmas strip (with a bit of social comment) and a nice degenerated one, because let's face it: THAT's the reason for why you are here. :3 (Hey, it pays to know your readers, ya know...)

In other news,  a new (Hand drawn) comic link was added to the "Links" section, since it rocks a lot. Give it a try, it's name is "Two Kinds", featuring a cute romance story and pretty good artwork.

12-14-2006: I LIVE!!!

Eyup. Finally, I managed to update this page with five new random strips, including the obligatory Christmas specials (What, did you thought i was going to miss the holiday specials? Bologna. =D)
Check this page during the week, since I will be posting more and more Christmas strips untill complete at least seven or more, too. Untill then, ho-ho-ho to you!


Somehow I managed to finish three new Halloween-themed strips.
You can find them as always, in the "misc" section, and now, have a happy candy hunt.
Just don't eat the yellow snow, and you will be OK.

27-10-06: Halloween strips!

Well, actually just one, plus two misc strips. But hey, more are coming!
As always, you can find them in the "Misc" section. Enjoy.

21-10-06: Finally! A new update.

Man, what a month, eh? Work, cold, flu, and a crapload of personal issues that I will not display here because this isn't a goddamned Blog. :3

Whatever. SIX! new Random strips awaits for you, including a long-needed aclaration to clear an old confusion regarding some of the characters shown in this strip.

27-09-06: New update, and some good news.

Five new random strips awaits for you in the "misc" section, including a cute parody of these lame Japanophile author-wannabes, and other one with Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue's plot in a nutshell. (Yeah, the game rocks. Buy it or rent it.)

Regarding Nuko (the thief who posted my stuff in DeviantArt claiming it belonged to him), he finally got what he deserved, and his DA account has been suspended. I still don't understand what's the point of stealing other people's stuff just to impress a bunch of total strangers from the internet, but oh well. See what happened to him.

Regarding his deranged friends ToonyMcBrain and Mikepk, words fails me.

I think I will open a section in my message boards to display a collection of their hate messages and their rabid personal holy war against yours truly,  just for recreational laughters and to teach them that if even this is the internet, you are still fully responsible for your words and actions, whatever they may be.

12-09-06: New random update!

SIX new comics awaits for you in the "Miscellaneous" section. Enjoy!
(And yeah, feelling MUCH more calm now. Thanks for your support, guys.)

Regarding Brent Mason, aka The Idiotic Comic Thief...  the stolen material had to be removed by DA's staff, since he decided to vanish from the net, go figures.

However, he got a guardian! Meet Toonymcbrain, a douche who popped out from nowhere to defend and protect the thief to death, calling him "His hero" among other idiotic and butkissing things. And God saves you if you "dare" to disagree with him! (Beware, he bites)

Oh, the humanity.


Boys and girls, meet Brent Mason aka "NUKO THE FUCKING LYING THIEF."
Do you think Nike Navora and her "Nike's House" was bad? Well, this asshole is worse, since he not only ransacked my webpage (and other people's too) but he also claims to be this comic's REAL CREATOR and on top of that, he also FAKED A FRIENDHIP WITH ME, so according to him, I'm his "special co-author friend" and because that, he can steal and edit my stuff at will... because originally, it belonged to HIM! God damit, when it will end?

Anyways... a new multi-update is awaiting for you in the "Miscellaneous" section.  Enjoy it while you can, because I'm starting to considerate to quit making Neko's House.
Fucking assholes like Brent makes me wonder if it's still worth to keep doing this.

08-09-06: NEW LOCATION!

Eyup. After numerous problems with my old host, Neko's House is finally moved to a new, faster, better  location, thanks to my pal Kieran Walker's generous hosting offer. Man, I love you.
Six new strips awaits for you in the "Misc" section, and a new web comic link was added to the "Links" section. Whee.

7-09-06: TRIPLE misc update!

3 new strips with a slighty twisted sense o' humor awaits for you in the "Miscellaneous" section. Wheee.
Before you ask, yeah. The last one is based in real life facts. ;-3

6-09-06: BIG random update.
FIVE new comics awaits you in the "misc" section.
And today is the first day of  World Cup Soccer 2006, too.

5-31-06: Double random update.
Ditto. Two new random strips added to the "Misc" section. And yeah, Meowth's fans around the globe will be pleased with this update. Or maybe not. Whatever.
No other things to say, except that I got the flu, and right now, I feel like crap. Waaaaah.

 5-22-06: At least, a new update.

Two new random strips added to the "Misc" section. Bye.

In other news: since I will get rid of some old/inactive comic links from the "links" section, anyone who would want to send me a link to their (NON-SUCKY) comics will be welcome.

5-02-06: At least, a new update.

New random comic update, plus Hot Spring strips for your amusement. Yeah, I know than every time I'm updating with less and less frequency, but real life can be a pain when it cames to keep a comic like this. I hope you understand.
By the way... as I promised, a new site was added to the Hall of Shame, so check the boards, just in case. 


A quick Misc update, plus a new Easter Special. 
I'm also preparing a HUGE update to the Hall of Shame, so be prepared to check a lot of "special" people being unmasked and exposed like the insignificant morons that they are.

4-6-06: I'M BAAAA-AAACK!

Oh, yeah. After a LONG hiatus, finally I managed to update the page. Five new random strips are waiting for you, guys.
I'm also brewing a surprise, so stay tuned, just in case. 


Eyup, here is a Triple Random update. Enjoy:
So yeah, lots of things happened, hence the lack of updates. (I own a cybercafe, and it doesn't runs it alone, you know. Blargh.)

Triple Random update, and a rant:

Ladies and gentlemans, meet HikaruXANA, the new thief on display: Behold the horror. God, when they will learn?
She hangs around this place or this one too, so beware: She is
highly unestable and dangerous. (XD) Shoot at will, then.

02-14-2006: DOUBLE UPDATE!

A new "Misc" comic, featuring a... particular point of view,  and the Obligatory Saint Valentine Update, of course.
By the way, if this Holiday caught you without a girlfriend, trust me... you aren't missing much, actually.

02-09-2006: MEGA UPDATE!

ots of new things in this update! Let's count:
- 2 new Hot Spring comics!
- Plus 2 random ones...
- AND a new Tutorial lesson for novice authors, for a grand total of FIVE comics! Have fun, everyone!

02-01-2006: Another Quadruple Update!

wo new Random comics, plus the return of the Comic Tutorials! Enjoy.
(I will try to finish some extra lessons, and if anyone feels offended, quit reading this page and never return. See? Easy!)

01-20-2006: Quadruple Update!

ew random updates, AND a new Hot Spring Tales comic! Enjoy!
(Yeah, I know. Few updates lately. Little free time and all that, you know how is that.)

01-09-2006: NEW MISC UPDATES!
Heya. First update of the year, featuring a new Hot Spring comic and a random one. You can find them as always, in the "Misc" section. Enjoy!

Remember Nike Navora, the comic thief? Well, after I unmasked her, she and her gang pulled some really funny things (Like homicide threats... through internet. Le Sigh) but finally, she accepted that what she did was wrong, and apologized for real. Check this:

Alright! This has gone far enough...I'm just going to say it straight forward!
I'm sorry, Maneko! I understand what I did really pissed you off, and I don't blame you! You had every right to post what I did on your site, it hurt, but I deserved it! and I think you probably believe this is "Self-Pity", but I truly am sorry for what I did....I just didn't think I'd get caught, but I was wrong and not only did I make you mad, but I also made some of your friends mad at me too. My friends don't deserve to get caught in this since they weren't involve, it's me you want not them. I won't steal from you or any other site again, I learned my lesson. Seriously

Ok, so the little brat finally understood that when you lie, steal and mess with the big dogs, crap happens. Fine, fine. Just don't do it again, kid.
Of course, her friends Darky, Melissa and Yaoi_Lover never stopped to vomit hate, lies and threats, but meh. Who cares about them? Nobody.
Nobody important, at least. So yeah, the issue is over.

Thanks for your support, people. You have no idea how much I appreciated it.

12-31-2005: HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Happy New Year, fellas. New random comics added to the "Misc" section, too. Enjoy!
Anyone missed my awesome rant against Nike Navora, the comic thief? You can find it in the "Past News" archive.
Oh, I could rant hours about how her little friends death threatened me for unmasking her thefts, among other insignificant and pathetical things...  but I'm not in the mood.
By the way, did I menctioned how much I like Stage Select?

12-25-2005: MERRY CHRISTMAS!
The final Christmas comic is waiting for you in the "Misc" comics sections. Enjoy.
I hope everyone had a happy holiday, guys. Except for Nike Navora and her imbecile cohort of yapping noobs. :3

This is by far, the SADDEST thing I've seen in AGES: NIKE'S HOUSE!!!

Making sure this bitch can't get away with this: Ladies and gentlemens, meet Nike Navora, aka NIKE THE PATHETIC COMIC THIEF.
The little shit  stole jokes, stories, backgrounds, edits, and even ENTIRE PANELS FROM MY COMIC, for christ's sake. She even had the nerve to paste her PATHETIC SONIC RECOLORS over MY OWN  fucking sprites, thinking that nobody was going to notice it, so she could get away with her FUCKING ATTENTION WHORISM FRAUD.

But don't worry, pals! Even if her cretinous minions tried to get me banned from  her ex- community   to hide her theft,
Justice prevailed anyways, and before she could say "ayamawhore" the great Modstaff exposed her like the imbecile, lying, coward, pathetic fraud she is... AGAIN!

Yes! This was her SECOND time stealing other people's work to get some attention (She also stole LOTS of stuff from Insonicmia's site) without giving a shit about it, but since she was too nice, holy and mellow as to face the truth about her blatant theft, the poor, poor Nike tried to get everyone's pity by doing THIS ABYSMAL PITY SHOW. But guess what? Once again, Sonniku.net's modstaff managed to put her in her place, like the fucking, pathetic, insignificant MANIPULATIVE EMO SHIT she is! Yay!
Go, Sonniku.net's Moderation team! Fight for everlasting peace!

In case the little bitch tries to delete the evidence of her retarded theft, I took the liberty to post some of her "comics" here. Egads, is it just me, or is something looking very familiar? And that's just the tip of the Iceberg! She stole MY ENTIRE GODNAMED ARCHIVE!
Everyone, please point at Nike Navora and laugh. Serves her right, dammit.

You know, sometimes I wonder what part of "My sprites are NOT PUBLIC" is so difficult to understand.

12-23-2005: Double update... and a rant.
New Christmas/Hot spring comics, plus a very special rant for a very pathetic BITCH and her YAPPING DOGS ARMY.
Eyup, it looks like someone fails at life, and will get nothing but coal this year.

12-19-2005: New updates!
ust a normal strip, and a Christmas Filler. I will see if I can post something special for Christmas, people.

12-14-2005: More Christmas n' fillers.
Finally! A triple update, including a Christmas Filler, a normal random filler and a new Hot Spring comic (You are here only for it, eh? I knew it.)

12-04-2005: it's already December?
Holy shit, time flies... anyways, here you have the first Christmas filler o' the season, PLUS another filler featuring a long-awaited (and long requested) team-up. Enjoy.
Thanks to Silverbolt for his Robotnick edits, btw.

12-03-2005: More strips!
Two new Hot Spring Tales added in the "Misc" section, with the usual dose of pixelated fanservice.
Little kids, GO AWAY.

11-26-2005: I'M BACK!!!
Whew, almost a month without updating this page.
There, a lot of new strips awaits for you in the "Misc" section to compensate everyone for the LONG hiatus.
Beware!  Some adult jokes, so no kids allowed!

11-02-2005: FINAL Halloween filler!
The last one! And excuse me for the delay, but as you already must know... shit happens. N'uff said.

10-31-2005: MORE Halloween fillers!
And now, the party is focused to the rest of the cast. Btw, it's just me, or some of them are already too old as to join to the candy hunting hordes? Hmm...

10-28-2005:Halloween fillers!
As always, here you have the yearly dose of Halloween-themed fillers. Happy Halloween!

10-21-2005:A special comic for special people.
Dedicated for you, you, and especially YOU.
You know who you are, and why this is for you.
And for the rest... enjoy the joy!!!

10-19-2005:More random comic updates
Yeah, I know, I know. Stop making these random comics and retake the main story, yadda, yadda, blablahmeow.
I'm not gonna deny that. You cannot deny Meowth's charm, either. Except by her, maybe.

10-16-2005:Teen Titans comic!!!
Kinda. I mean, that's what happens when you don't close your door propely. Especially if you have all kinds of dangerous stuff stored in your house.

10-14-2005:Quick update.
Single filler comic, featuring a quick cameo from one of my female readers (yeah, the three of them.) and all that stuff. Thanks a lot, Rianeva.

10-07-2005: Triple random update
Oh, God. I'm doing it again, eh? More random comics instead of the regular storyline ones... sorry.
Anyways, here you have 3 new random strips.

10-03-2005: Single update
A random comic, with the word "tutorial" painted all over it. Give it a try.

09-30-2005: New update!
Just a new Digimon Kaizer saga update. Let's see how Palmon reacts after everyone's capture, eh?

09-27-2005: Triple Update!

Another Main Comic update, featuring MORE Digimon Kaizer actions (With new sprites, btw) plus... TWO new "Miscellaneus" updates, featuring our favorite duet.

09-16-2005: Whoo!!! Multi update!
FINALLY! Neko's House is back! With 2 new updates, to boot! (Yeah, I will
manage to finish this godamned arc for once and all.)
Plus, a new Black Bass Cronicles update, too.

09-12-2005: Whoo!!! Multi update!
FINALLY! Neko's House is back! With 2 new updates, to boot!

(Yeah, I will manage to finish this godamned arc for once and all. XD)
Plus, a new Black Bass Cronicles update, too.

09-07-2005: Whoo!!! Multi update!
Yeah! It's the return of Black Bass Chronicles! With 4 new updates in a row, plus a cameo of the legendary Ran Cossack itself, to boot!
Plus, a new "Misc" update, too! (Thanks a lot for Tommy Lee's cameo, btw)

09-04-2005: New misc update
Another innuendish comic (the real reason for why you are here...) and a cameo from a respected comicer: Disgruntled Ferret and his uh... particular personality. 

08-31-2005: 2 new misc comics!
The habitual dose of randomness and raunchyness. XD
I will try to update more often, but you know... real life and stuff. -_-U

08-21-2005: 2 new misc comics, and a FORUM!
Eyup, finally I decided to take the risk and opened a small message board for your questions and comments. It's still in a early stage, but it's already fully functional. Enjoy.
Speaking of "stage", I owe a big "Thank You" to Iris for her generous board hosting. Thank you, Iris!!!

08-18-2005: 2 new misc comics!
Yup, more random updates. And finally, I decided to take the next step
and add a small Message Board to this page, so stay tuned for it's eventual opening. Have fun.

08-14-2005: Multi random updates!
More random comics, including a blatant Harry Potter spoiler and
the most shameless Fan-Serviced comic in the whole Sprite Comic circle,
EVER. XD Read them at your own risk, buddies.

08-03-2005: New updates, finally.
Well, finally the server is working, so I managed to finish a few random
comics to make your day. Yeah, you can find them as always in the "Random" section. Enjoy.

07-12-2005: New Summer filler stuff.
Eh, the server had some problems, so I was unable to update untill now.
Yeah, I'm looking for another host, so stay tuned for more news, M'kay?
But as for now, here: triple filler update. Enjoy.

07-01-2005: Birthday Special comic!
In case you were wondering about the recent lack of updates... last week was my birthday,
and stuff. Just for the hell of it, here you have a little present from me, for all of you: a filler!
Yeah, featuring what you really wanted to see, pervs. And by pervs I mean the guys and girls! XD
Go to the "Misc" section to check it.

06-23-2005: More Summer Filler BS! Yaaay!
Yeah, yeah. I should concentrate my efforts in the main comic instead of in so
many filler stuff, but what can I say? I simply love to mess with
Tailmon and Meowth's stories. (In case you haven't figured it yet... they are my favorite characters. XD)

06-18-2005: Double  Comic Update!

Eh... I cornered myself with the lastest arc (I still haven't finished the new backgrounds)
so while I manage to finish them, here is a double update: A new
Summer Filler and a new update to The Dark Years, featuring Tailmon and Wizardmon. Enjoy.

06-7-2005: Double main Comic Update!
More and more things are unfolding to this story, courtesy of Palmon
and her BS filled stories. God, the new sprites were a pain in the ass
to get, to sprite and to edit, btw... stupid Digimon Medley mini-sprites ...
I had to play the entire game to rip lots of   so-needed stuff.

05-27-2005: Main Comic Update!
And the story keeps unfolding! Of course, the 'Mons are basically
kids, so  do the math. Yeah, I'm a monster. :3
Special thanks for Galgomon's Gif Factory and Fenrir
for their wonderful help. Thanks, buddies.

05-24-2005: Main Comic Update!
Yeah, I wanted to set this explanation from a long time ago.
Just for everyone's information... originally, V-Mon was supossed to be smart,
like in the original Digimon version. (The US dub re-made him as a
"stupid" character, among other horrid changes.)
However, the reader's feedback raised some interesting points, so I ended
having a "stupid" V-Mon instead. And everyone loved him for that.

05-18-2005: Single Summer Comic Filler.
Yeah, I'm a mean and horrid bastard. XD
It's still too soon for something like that.

05-13-2005: Multi Comic Update!
Triple Summer Comics madness, for your viewing pleasure.
And yeah, I will retake my old comics eventually, so stay alert.

05-06-2005: 'Nother Summer comic Up.
A cute one to balance the previous one. Before anyone complains...
he deserved it just for existing.

05-04-2005: New Summer comic Up.
Fast and kinda unexpected punchline, oh yeah.
Kids, don't try this on home, you can end being hurt or worse... dumped.

05-02-2005: Comic Tutorial update, ho.
New lesson is up, this time explaining why you shouldn't use recolored characters in
a comic, much less labeling them as "My super original creations, don't steal".

04-28-2005: Multi-misc Update.
Eh, yeah. New Summer Comics misadventures in the Misc section, and a
new Comic Lesson is in the Tutorial section, too. Enjoy the joy.

04-21-2005: Comic Tutorial update!

A quick update featuring other so-needed dose of tips
and tricks for the novice authors. Enjoy, and practice!

04-16-2005: The Main Comic is BACK!
Omigod. Finally I managed to overcome to my legendary lazyness, and I decided to
retake the original Neko's House comic from where I dropped it.
Yeah, The Digimon/NetNavi alliance to stop the dangerous Mini-Sigma virus, remember?
And yeah, I will focus a bit in Piyomon's crush too, so relax.

04-10-2005: New update and something special:
Eyup. A new chapter of Tailmon's Dark Years, and the first version of the
long-awaited Sprite Comic Tutorial. Enjoy.
Oh, yeah. I also reorganized the "comics" section for your convenience.
I will try to add a PHP browser too!

03-31-2005: Steamy feline update.
Yeah, say it. Everyone were expecting him to appear, soon or later.
Depending of your pervertedness level, your reaction to this particular
comic could be "Awww..." or "AAAUURGHH!!!"

03-25-2005: More tales from the dark side.
Yup. Every day was a hell for the poor furrball, so no wonder she ended  having such an
horrible character and nasty habits. Well, pass and enjoy the new chapters. ( 5-6)
Extra credit to Burai for his Gazimon sprite! You rock!

03-21-2005: Once again, Tailmon's past.
Yeah, I decided to keep with Tailmon's arc. Oh, well.
Let's check what happened to the little bastard while she was
still serving in Myotismon's army, in this double update. (Chapters 3-4)

03-11-2005: And now, for something new...
... I had the odd urge to make a comic featuring Tailmon's old life as
one of Myotismon's soldiers.  Yeah, when she was supossed to be a
darkness soldier and all that. I love retroactive continuity, fellas.

03-06-2005: Sumer Fillers strikes again!
Yeah, that was a weak one. Hey, between my work and real life (Translation:
I got Klonoa 2: Dream Champ Tournament. XD ) this one that was the best
I could brew without using recycled jokes.
I feel proud about my jumping Tailmon sprite, though.

02-27-2005: More Summer Fillers!
With some... morals on it. Or Inmorals. Whatever.

02-25-2005: The return of Summer Filers!
Well, think on this a bit. Giant, furry, padded hands...
I wonder how in the hell she manages to handle things, for not
menctionating how in the hell she manages to cook, as she claimed it.

02-21-2005: More Summer comics madness!
Tiny, tall, sexy, chibi, furry, non-furry... no matter the style, they
all share something in common. No, not THAT, perv monster.
Thanks for Thunder and Iylth's cameos, by the way.

02-19-2005: New Summer comic update!
What? It can happen to anyone, no?
And you can feel the friendship between those two, too. XD

02-17-2005: Double Summer comic update!
OK, OK. I got the idea, Meowth was god-moding too much, and all that stuff.
Here, are you happy now? Yes? Good. By the way... thanks for your cameo, Usagi. :3

02-13-2005: Saint Valentine special comic!
Kinda. I wanted to try something different and all that.
Anyways, happy Valentine and all that fruity shit. XD

February 3rd: New summer comic update. Thanks for Rockgirl and Aram's cameos, by the way.

February 10th: Excuse the late update, fellas. Here, the new Summer Filler is UP!
And thanks for the cameos! (1 and 1/2 cameo... kinda)

February 5th:
Another summer comic update! Thanks for Bubbleman's surprise cameo.
(It was a surprise even for him! XD)

January 29th: New Summer Special comic update, based
in another real life fact. If this never happened to you, feel lucky.

January 27th:
As if nobody were expecting, this new update
brings you Pink in a swuimsuit. Go figure. XD

January 21th:
Yeah, well. I'm blocked, tired and all... but since It's
summer time in Southamerica, it's filler time again. Oh, well, the main comic
started being a filler too, so let's have fun with this one too.

January 16th:
No, I'm not dead... just enjoying some  well-needed
vacations, that's all. Anyways, a new random comic is in the miscellaneous section.

January 7th:
Hi, everyone! This is Neko's House, ver. 2.0!   New layout,
new sections, and even a tutorial, to start this new year with the right foot! Have fun, everyone!

January 2th: The first year's update! Black Bass chronicles ep. 30 is up!

December 11th: Christmas themed fillers! The main comics will be
updated too, so stay tuned.  Visit the "Misc" section in case you missed
a Christmas filler, they will be stored there.

December 7th
: Another Black Bass Chronicles update!
November 16th
: 2 new comics for Black Bass Chronicles story!
November 6th
: Finally! The main comic returns after a LOOOONG hiatus.
Sorry, everyone...

November 1st
: Last Halloween comic is up. The rest of the special comics
are stored as always, in the "Miscellaneous" section.

October 26th: A week with Halloween's special comics, and a fantabulastic cameo
party in October 31th! No mediocre Megaman edits allowed, mwahahaha.

September 08th: A new sidecomic is UP! Check the "Miscelaneous"  to find my first attempt to make a "Megaman" comic, spiced with my... uh...
"particular" sense of humor. Enjoy it!

August 5th
: Mail Bag day's old comics can be found in the "Miscelaneous" section.
July 30th
: Mail Bag Day! Do you have a comic-related question? Send it to me, then!
July 24th
: Yeah, the Wilybots are back!
July 9th: 2 new comics added to the "Misc" section.
July 7th: Hall of Shame updated. Sorry, pal.
June 16th
: Yeah, the MegaMan arc is over, and FINALLY everyone will lunch.
By the way, I owe a big  "Thanks" to Tommy Lee for his invaluable help
with the "crazy" Bass sprites. Thanks, pal! You rock!!!