02-01-2011: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I know, I missed the Holidays, but what can I say? My job is consuming ALL of my free time, and when I return home, the only thing i want to do is grab a bite and sleep. (Well, at least I have a job and the pay is good,... so  I shouldn't complain bleh.)

Anyways. I managed to make  Twelve new strips, to put the end to a less than nice year. Enjoy them!
Oh, and by the way? My country began the year with yet ANOTHER Earthquake, this time we "only" got a 7,1 Richter scale one.  Compared with the big one, this quake barely made a dent, though.

I will try my best to keep updating this site during  2011 and perhaps completing some projects that have been hanging for too long.

All characters (Except for my original ones) belong to their respective owners.
Any questions? Send them to my E-Mail !